About Us

Aloha Box Hawaii owner Tiffany Massaro

Aloha Box Hawaii was born in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. During this time, many people were frustrated and disappointed that they couldn’t gather with friends and family for special occasions. Visitors were discouraged from visiting the Hawaiian Islands and local residents who moved away were missing their home. There was a sense of being 'disconnected' from each other and the 'āina.

We wanted to find a way to spread the love and joy of Hawaii with all those that couldn't be here to experience the islands for themselves. We started Aloha Box Hawaii with one goal in mind - offer a simple and meaningful way for people to reconnect and share the Aloha spirit through the art of gifting. 'Ohana means family, which extends beyond the traditional household setting. It's everyone that makes up the community including local businesses. We found a way to support each other and the businesses that make Hawaii unique by offering you a little Aloha, one box at a time. 

“Giving is always better than receiving. My heart is happy and full when I see that big smile after they receive my gift. They smile not only because of the physical contents but because of the love and care I've put into each box.”

~ Tiffany