Cultivate Hawaii cotton tea towel
Cultivate Hawaii cotton tea towel
Cultivate Hawaii cotton tea towel
Cultivate Hawaii cotton tea towel

All-Natural Flour-Sack Cotton Towels

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Designed and made in Hawaii by Cultivate Hawaii, these all-natural flour-sack cotton towels are soft, absorbent, and infuse tropical flair to any kitchen or house. Made with high quality flour sack cotton and printed with water based inks.

Size: 18" x 31"

Story relating to the art: PELE

"Seventy million years ago, long before they were touched by the hand of man, the Hawaiian Islands were born in the bosom of Pele, the Goddess of Fire. They began to emerge from the ocean, each evolving into a mysterious verdant paradise, and then, with time, falling back into the sea.

The beautiful island chain we know today is growing still, as Pele is at work creating Lo'ihi, 1,000 meters beneath the ocean's surface off the coast of Hawai`i Island."

Story relating to the art: MAKANA

"Towering over the crystal clear waters pf Ha`ena is Makana, meaning "the gift" in Hawaiian. The dazzling centerpiece of the North Shore, Makana is sacred to the people of the area and was famous as one of the two places Hawaii where the O`ahi fire throwing ceremony was carried out.

A special celebration honoring graduates of Ha`era's prestigious hula school, fiery rockets of papery wood were launched from the steep summit, sailing far out to sea. Those daring enough to catch the firebrands in canoes were guaranteed good luck."